This Too Shall Pass: Biodegradable Food Packaging by Tomorrow Machine

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Recyclable is not the same as better for the environment. When recycling, they need to sort the waste, transport the waste and wash (for glass bottles that can be reused) or remelt (for plastics) the waste. Only a couple plastics can be remelted but you never get the same product with it. PET for example, when remelting you can’t make new PET bottles from it, the quality of the material is not the same after remelting (due to adhesives, dirt which got into it) so they clothes from it. After making clothes from it, they can’t be recycled again. PE/PVC can be reused to make the heavy blocks of heras fences for example. So they go to a product with less market value. Burning of plastic waste and using it to convert it into electricity is also considered as recycling of the material. If it can’t ge recycled, it is dumped.

Glass, which is recyclable, is much heavier than non recyclable plastic. When transporting, a lot more fossilie fueles are used to transport them. That’s why plastics aren’t necessarily less good to the environment compared to glass.

TL;DR: biodegradable plastics, like PGA, PLLA and PDLA aren’t necessarily less good for the environment compared to materials which can be recycled.

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