Hotel in Zaandam, the Netherlands.

Designed by these people I used a translator to convert the Dutch text to English because i’m to lazy to do so myself 😛 *The hotel, located on the provincial, is the focal point of the new center. The building with 160 rooms

Wine decanter

Most of what you taste comes from your sense of smell. Alcohol evaporates when it comes in contact with oxygen. The reason you decant wine is to allow more of the wine to come in contact with the air, which causes some alcohol to

Impossible architecture by Victor Enrich

your examples are bad because those spaces are still able to be utilized. people can still purpose each room, the design doesn’t prevent their use. the building in the post has half of the entire lower potion unusable as functioning rooms. gravity just wouldn’t

Library of Humboldt University, Berlin

A) please a line of crossbows on each side. B) see what happens. On a side note, this room makes me kinda anxious for some reason 😕. It seems like there should be some kind of theatre, or some sort of *entertainment* happening in

Medieval porn: A nobleman’s house in Transylvania, 1532.

[Lazar Castle]( Castle is used liberally here, as this was just a nobleman’s residence, with no real historical importance. In 1707, the Habsburgs burned and devastated the castle. It was restored but destroyed once again forty years later, and in the second half of

Amazing Design on Toronto Courthouse

It is all carved and it is beautiful to see in real life. The picture really does not do it justice. The building is full of really intricate carvings and statues. There are [faces](, [twisted faces](, [gargoyles](, [stained glass](, and all sorts of other

Husqvarna White Arrow

I really like the details on the street tracker version – the exhaust run up high and the tie down rail, especially. The more urban one has a better overall vibe to me though. I’d ride that to work. 🙂

Engrain Tactile Keyboard — Natural Typing

This project is currently on Kickstarter. Check it out and spread it around! I’m the designer, and this pic was of a concept prototype, the market version is more refined, with a more subtle texture. As far as comments about the keys being glued

Minimalist Sink by Victor Vasilev

What does minimalist mean? It takes up more space, has more pieces and more materials than a bog-standard ceramic sink. It takes up considerably more space and looks ergonomically baffling. It also looks like it would be hard to use and begin leaking immediately.

A Concrete Washbasin

But with this you’d have to spit in the tiny little hole, then try to rinse it down with the spigot that can’t move and would take forever to reach it, and it wouldn’t even get to it if you don’t get your spit

Sphere made from keys.

My guess is that the artist used a ball shaped plaster or salt frame. Attach the keys with solder to hold them in place, then follow up with the welding torch. Dissolve the ball and Bob’s yer uncle!

Opera expanding camper

Sharp edges on camping equipment is poor design. Good shelters are all streamlined for a good reason- wind damage. A strong wind can break supports without a ton of trouble

Curvy sink

so where does the water go? I mean it can’t posibly be that barely concave indentation in the middle. That would hold about a teaspoon bfore it started spilling and any sudden introduction of water (such as from the tap) would immediately go all

Seat made from welded coins

Oh really? I didn’t know that. That’s funny I guess. Because I have never smelled anything that is just like that coin smell. Is it a certain type of bacteria that only latches onto coins, or is there something else they get onto that

Street number trimmed in the hedge

They’ve been doing giant ones like that, only the whole “landed gentry type” property “names”, in the massive cypress hedges of rural south western Vic. (Straya) for decades.

C i der

I’ve had it, it’s available in Sweden. I’ts really sweet, and tastes more like a alcoholic sodapop or something. I don’t like it. Fantastic design though!

WWII rifle sighting training aid by the US Army

This belonged to my girlfriend’s great-uncle during his service in the Army Air Corp starting in 1943. It is a training aid meant to help demonstrate and test comprehension of how to aim a rifle. Several pieces of notecard are assembled into a “pop-up