Really love this outdoor chair that I picked up at a vintage resale shop. All that cloth is easily removable for washing or re-upholstering. Does anyone know where I can purchase something else like it?

This is a vintage style that is coming back into vogue, so good find! Here are some sites that feature ones like it: Here is a blog with a round up of many different fabric beach chairs and also has a

AV-Equipment by Bang & Olufsen

>Lighting and furniture by Bang & Olufsen FTFY That’s a really, really ugly TV. Most high-end TVs are aiming to be edgeless, and for good reason. For some reason Bang and Olufsen have decided to put an abnormally large edge on their TV? And

2-Story Metallic Fireplace in Contemporary Waterfront Hideaway – Gambier Island, BC, Canada

**ARCHITECT:** [*Joel Turkel*]( ([*write-up*]( **PROJECT:** [*My House Design/Build/Team*]( **PACKAGE:** *Modified [TD3 2490 by Lindal Cedar Homes](* **DESIGN:** [*Sarah Gallop*]( * **Fireplace:** *24″ x 48″ metallic porcelain tile purchased from Ames Tile + Stone* **ARTICLES:** * [*Video Tour*]( * [*Dwell*]( * [*Westcoast Homes & Design*](

Dazzle camouflage

It’s still used today by the automotive industry when they’re testing new cars and the want to disguise details of the shape, without impacting aerodynamics. [Audi]( and [Porsche]( in particular have been using it while they develop their new cars for Le Mans.


That “goldfish go in a bowl” trope has lasted far too long. That bowl is not an appropriate home for any fish. I’m sure the thing would look just as good with only a few plants.

Naval mine fire pit

Start the fire small, directly under the flue. After it’s hot, you have a draft and can start adding fuel. I usually have a small gap between the kindling and the main fuel, so I only have to place a chunk of kindling across

Loch Ness Monster Ladle.

Gotta post the out-of-soup view, too — half of what makes this design so cool is the little monster feet that cause it to stand up like that in the pot instead of awkwardly leaning over and falling in. Adorable and practical!

Rolls Royce Ghost umbrella

Plus the fact that you are folding up a wet umbrella, with the door open, in pouring rain. I resolved this matter by remembering people with Rolls-Royces pay people to drive them around and do this stuff.

Copper antique clawfoot tub

I actually think it is copper. It’s the right color, and if you look close, you can see it’s hammered – this makes copper stronger, as it compresses it, and it’s not easily done to brass or bronze which are much harder. I bet

Emanuele Canova – Bucefalo sofa

Well, it’s kind of reminiscent of those special couch/pillows one sees in airplane shopping magazines…The ones with a variety of slopes and wedges designed to position one human body relative to another in ways that are NSFW. …So I can see functionality in that

Kantine – mobile kitchen concept by Hendrik Ickerott

Regarding the mobile part, the idea is to build a kitchen that is easily transportable and doesn’t take too long to assemble/disassemble. It is an idea based on students who change flats quite often throughout college and sometimes face a completely empty flat without

My new bike, the Veloretti Caferacer

>A kickstand. Why? Who uses kickstands? Added weight for no reason. They’re practical and weigh basically nothing. I would never put one on a more performance oriented bike, but this thing probably never breaks 15mph on OP’s jaunt to the shops. >Metal springs and

violin swimming pool design

I’d say it’s “design”. It’s really no different than a client saing “I want a rectangular (or oval or kidney or lap) pool.” It’s how that shape is carried off. It’s the space around it, the treatments, landscape, relationship to the house. The client

Nicoló Amati – Cremona, Italy – 1669

Thanks again. A reverse image search on that brings up lots of good stuff. Here’s the [MIT article]( And [another good piece]( And [this one nails the maths and geometry](