[Article with more photos]( Sadly it’s just a design concept and not actually a vodka distilled in the US 🙁

Mauser Pistol

Visualize this with a small drum magazine, and that’s the form of the air-pistol of the apocalypse. The circular drum magazine part is a spring-loaded piston. The first batch of these pistols were bought by the Swiss, and used a bottle-neck cartridge with a

Fountain designed by James Dyson

Isn’t that the case with most companies founded by someone and named to their last name? Kinda like ‘hey if we change this vacuum to not have a sack it’d be easier to clean, let’s try build one and see where we get’ >

Cubic rubber-band

Also it’s going to be expensive to make. (compared to regular rubber bands at least) This would require a significantly more complex tooling to make. This would increase investment costs and slow production over conventional rubber bands. That’s not to say people wouldn’t pay

Ammonite washbasin

Interestingly enough, I believe the original usage of the term was in relation to food in that [“food porn is a glamourized spectacular visual presentation of cooking or eating in advertisements, infomercials, cooking shows or other visual media”.]( But you sure would not want

Kinematics Dress by Nervous System

This is a 3D-printed dress. For more information: []( More images: [In Motion]( [Close Up](×499.jpg) [Straight from the printer, still Folded](×360.jpg)

22 Unique & Creative Business Cards

Some of these are certainly more clever and useful than others. You don’t want to stray too far from practicability – business cards tend be a standard size for wallet/card holder purposes obviously. And some of these would be overly costly for what is

‘String Lights’ by Michael Anastassiades

As an electrician who has worked with many designers and “decorators”, I could see it going like this: “Ok so the light goes here.” *”Alright you got it.”* *-run my wire, install a box-* “Ok…so the canopy is gunna go over here” … “What?”

This hotel room

/u/usernamenottakenwooh knocked on the door, but there was no reply. The door was ajar, light shining through the dust motes floating in the stale air. He entered. The room was the same as it always was, kaliedoscopic and colorful in it’s array of posters.

Glass Typewriter

This is a render done by a really talented guy named Aleksandr Kuskov. Here’s a link to the original post on Behance:

Stools in a local italian pub

It wont work with the new ones because they are plastic. However, when they were porcelain you could just remove the metal wire and the rubber seal, stick your joint in one side of the cap and draw through the other. It essentially just

The Aluminum Center, by Micha De Haas

Here’s a good picture: Looks nice after all!

Pingouin Vodka

Source: There are some more images there, including one straight up without the snow or penguins. I chose the one I did because it shows the “beak” in the bottle cap and shows it along with the penguins so it’s clearer that that

HG One Coffee Grinder

$900!? I could buy at least an hour with one really great prostitute, or three not so great ones. Admittedly, I’d rather have a nice coffee, so what the hell!

Grass styled Pens

According to [an article]( on Gizmodo, [this]( is the original designer .. they’re $5 each here.

Singer Vehicle Design’s New 4.0L Engine

For those interested, the specs and other details have not yet been released, but [here’s the article]( with a couple more photos.

Mechanical iris window shade

No, the aperture is the space inside. It’s also used as the photography term, which is basically how wide it is so how much light it lets in, which is then transferred to the symbol for aperture, which is a stylized iris.

Folding bamboo easel

Perhaps I will make a full sized version. I can easily imagine one. I put a video showing the functionality of the device in the top comment. *update 2 -Never mind.. Someone bumped back to the top. Thanks!! 🙂 *update 1 – the comment
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