Dieter Rams with his beautiful product designs.

Um…I’m sorry, it’s the…it’s the pleats. Mm. It’s actually an optical illusion. It’s the pattern on the pants. It’s not flattering in the crotchal region. I’m actually taking them back right now. Taking them back to the pants store. Well I’m gonna go walk

Integrated table

This is beautiful. People here hating that it’s “non functionable” because it can’t move. Sometimes design is just so good, you don’t need it to move after a few years because it just works.

Stockholm Metro

I think it’s Solna station, not sure though. The metro runs under ground and most stations that are under ground are fully or partly shotcreted (sp?), especially on the blue line. More on the Stockholm metro here:

Tokyo railroad schedule

No, I really think the people who think this is bad design are uneducated shit designers. This thing is such an amazing and wonderful way to visualize vector and temporal points. E.J Marley is a damn genius for inventing this. No other graphical method

Colorful rug

Aesthetics aside, look at how thick and far off the floor it is. Rugs account for a huge portion of home injuries. Especially to the elderly, who often never truly recover from such an accident. This rug is just a disaster.

Oil and Vinegar Dispenser by XD Design

I never understand those bottles. Oil is senstive to light. If you keep it in transparent bottles, it will get stall in taste. Please keep your oil in non-translucent-oil-bottles. You can find plenty of oil cans on amazon. Look for those made out of

Swirl Faucet by Simin Qiu

> Bathroom faucets have evolved from the lowly status of being tools to wash our hands to status symbols. Taking the design evolution a step in the direction of engineering, the Swirl Faucet focuses its attention on the flow of the water. It features

The Decline & Fall Of The Roman Empire

Oh they’re still great. The prose is excellent, and the Roman narrative is told like compelling fiction through the first three books. He turns some pretty dry Roman writers into a well-crafted story. As for the last three books though, they are a little

Elegant Air Purification – ProSolve 370e system.

In 2010, Cooper-Hewitt held its fourth installment of the National Design Triennial series, featuring global design innovations that addressed environmental and social challenges. ProSolve 370e was among the projects displayed in the exhibition, selected because it represents a practical and elegant design solution for

Little Cherry and Walnut medicine container by Max Walton

I really like it too. My favorite low poly artist is JR Schmidt. He does some really intricate landscapes with really cool and whimsical elements in them wherever you look. Here is his [behance]( site linked to what I’m talking about if you want

A bird, a lady

Soon this will appear upon the bathroom door of restaurants and stores, can you imagine it? A world with bathrooms for both women AND birds alike. Wave of the future Dude.

Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale Interior

Understandable. The [Ferrari 458 Speciale]( might be a little closer to what you’d like. But these cars are the extreme variants of extreme models of extreme Italian sports car brands. So, the interiors tend to be…extreme. And “loud”…like their engines and exhaust systems. You’d