Infinity edge aquarium

Yes this is terrible design. First as other mentioned you have evap which just adds complexity and requires water constantly. You also then have to select what species are going in and then monitor it so they can’t jump out. Most likely it only

Packaging for this juice company.

Agreed. Not sure what this particular juice is or what the marketing scheme might be, but there are MLM companies that pop up daily to take the place of ones that were dissolved. Not saying that this company is a MLM scheme, but just

De Oversteek bridge, Netherlands

First thought: That’s got to be some weird trick of the angle. I can’t seem to find any other image that has that dip. After doing some digging in google maps, it looks like there are stairs going down at that pylon in the

If Batman had a yacht it would be the Wally Power 118.

1. *Don’t buy the helicopter*. That’s just too ostentatious. Also, you’ll save money on a pilot and the additional fuel! 2. *Buy the yacht unfurnished*. Just scrounge up your yacht couches and chairs from Goodwill/Salvation Army or local dumpsters. Start collecting cinderblocks and bricks

Concrete and Leather Rocking Chair by Paulsberg

That would be loud as hell, ruin really any surface it sits on, and be dangerous [imagine your foot sliding under that, or it rolling over your phone] let alone the fact that since the bottom is round it doesn’t just rock forwards and


“Has it beat” how? Better power to weight ratio? Faster lap time on a specific circuit? Higher top speed? Better acceleration from standing start to certain point? Better quarter mile time? Unless it has won in every category, “has it beat” needs to be

The Sleek Urwerk Ur-210

So instead of all sixty minutes spanning the full 360°, it instead only uses the bottom 120°. The long arm is indicating how many minutes in to the hour it is by where it is pointing. The number shown on that arm indicates the

A4 Steam Locomotive By Sir Nigel Gresley

North and mid Wales can be considered the Steam capital of the world! We have a ludicrous number of preserved railways which travel through what is my opinion the best scenery in the UK. I recommend: Rhyl Miniature Railway, Llangollen Railway, Talyllyn Railway, Llanberis

Omega Speedmaster Professional

Now I can’t unsee that. Imagine spending thousands of pounds on such a fancy expensive watch and then having someone point out your walking around with a cock on your wrist. I can’t wait to run into someone who owns this watch. It’s gonna

Millesime Champagne

When it comes to certain products marketing, the brand and the first impression is key. An early (?) example [Andy Warhol and Absolut Vodka]( (from the early 80s), [“Absolut Art”](

Can anyone identify this couch? (Please)

Yes! You have found it! Thank you so much! Story time! I got this couch a few years back, at an odd boutique. The only guy manning the store only had vague information about it possibly being bought in LA and it having been

1920s toaster

I’ve actually used one of these and they are pretty bad. I would say 25% of the time you burn the toast if you aren’t paying 100% attention to it. They are definitely cool, and they are definitely faster than a regular toaster, but

Tibetan Carved Skull

In more ways than one. It’s what makes us simultaneously terrifyingly confounding and awe-inspiringly awesome. Probably also one of the reasons we’ve survived so long. We’re a bunch a weirdos willing to try out new cultural adaptations for shits ‘n’ giggles.

Pointless Corp bear logo design process

Because it’s much easier to use simple shapes to control proportions before going into detail on a drawing, especially for animators. That head or torso has to maintain its shape for as long as it’s visible, so why spend 10 minutes perfecting a facial
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