Window converts to balcony

> **The sky’s the limit** > Install multiple CABRIOs for even more sunshine and flowing space. Hardly flowing space with chunky beams flowing between them :/ Still, I’m sure it really opens up the room.

Singer 911- Automotive Perfection

You should check [Singer Vehicle Design]( You can download high quality photos from their website: * [United Kingdom]( * [HongKong 1]( * [HongKong 2]( * [Los Angeles]( * [Texas]( * [Nebraska]( * [Mexico]( * [New York]( * [France]( * [Dubai]( * [Indonesia]( * [Brooklyn](

The Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge, UK

I’ve climbed over this bridge. Spent a couple of summers punting, and one of the challenges was tho climb stuff (often at night time, after the pub). Bridge-hopping is the art of leaving your punt to go under the bridge, while you go over

Coffee cup holder

I literally disagree. Yes it has it’s flaws but a huge benefit is to carry it like a briefcase, even with a briefcase (shopping bag) in the same hand. My favourite coffee shop is 10 blocks away and I wouldn’t bring my family drinks

Schwing! “ABC Bookcase” – by Saporiti

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A giant flower carpet, made from around 750,000 begonias, on Brussels’ Grand Place. Created every two years in August, the carpet measures 24 x 77 meters (79 x 253 ft) and covers 1,800 square meters (19,000 sq ft)

The center of that plaza would not be an ideal place for growing food. And as far as the water goes: >On average (based on measurements over the last 100 years), there are approximately 200 days of rain per year in the Brussels-Capital

The beautifully designed entrance of the St. Petersburg mosque, Russia

[The mosque]( was designed by one of the most prominent [National Romantic]( architects, [Nikolai Vasilyev](, and is an amazing example of how Western heritage-inspired architectural style could work with general shapes and elements of Central Asian Islamic architectural tradition.

wall clock

As a first prototype it wasn’t too much actually. Around $70 which included the LED’s and Arduino controller. I’m currently working on a second version that is going to be made on a CNC that should look 1000X better, probably will cost a bit

Jacuzzi in the pool

This sort of house always looks to me like a Rainbow Six (or whatever) level – you know, the kind of level where you have to rescue hostages from a drug dealer and their improbably-armed minions, and it’s designed to be challenging but also

Beautiful Middle Eastern Faucet and Sink

See I’m from India and I moved to America full time when I was 9 so I understand both meanings well. But it drives me up the wall when people are like “OMG Americans say stuff so weird WTF is soccer”. It’s like, you

“As Real As It Gets” – Adobe Photoshop Ad

I’ve always felt that Photoshop is mostly a skeumorphic painter/photographic editor. Nearly all of the tools are designed to emulate their real world counterparts. Which is probably why this ad is so easy to understand. I recognise that many tools are entirely metaphoric, but

Amazing use of bottles to add natural light.

I am not quite sure what you mean, but I wouldn’t expect much else to happen than clouds and rain making the “lightbulbs” a little more ineffective. The bottles are supposed to have their lids on, so it wont affect the bleach and water.

Panoramic Views in Minimal Living Room – Isle of Skye, Scotland (‘Cliff House’ by Dualchas Architects)

**Architect:** [Dualchas Architects]( **Photography:** [Andrew Lee]( ([HQ Photos]( **Write Up:** > *This award-winning 2 bedroom house was sited to make the most of the stunning views across Loch Dunvegan in north west Skye, but also to bed down within the natural topography. Planning would

Another Partisans project – Bar Raval in Toronto

> In order to achieve a sculptural, almost sentient, aesthetic, we worked closely with our fabrication partner, MCM Inc., and the software engineers at Mastercam to innovate the milling process. Ultimately, we synchronized our efforts to develop customized toolpaths that would generate over 9km