Door by Klemens Torggler

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It looks great for people who like being hit in the chest/face by doors.

It’s hard to tell from the small gif, but some back-of-envelope stoned maths suggests that the middle part of the door probably sticks out by more than half a meter (I reckon about .7 of a meter?) assuming the door is about 2m high, which is pretty standard for a lot of doors. Normally you’d pull a door and move back as you pull it, meaning this wouldn’t usually be a problem, but since this one needs to be pushed left or right, you’re basically standing in front of the door where it’s likely to hit you.

It may well stick out further though, I’m not sure if that’s a really small man, or a really big door, though I think it’s the latter.

I love how it looks, but it seems like it would suck at its primary function (being a door), so I reckon it’s a bit shit with regards to design.

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