Top 1000 Design Pictures

Jellyfish Aquarium By Darwin Sect

I agree and I’d like to think that everyone that bought this would think the same way, but I honestly don’t, knowing how people treat other kinds of aquatic pets. Maybe I just have low expectations of people. I mostly have an issue with

$USD Proposal by Travis Purrington

>The United States was founded on religious grounds No, No, NO. Some of the original settlers came to the Americas to be able to practice their religion freely, but the country itself WAS NOT FOUNDED on religious grounds. The ONLY mention of religion whatsoever

Door by Klemens Torggler

It looks great for people who like being hit in the chest/face by doors. It’s hard to tell from the small gif, but some back-of-envelope stoned maths suggests that the middle part of the door probably sticks out by more than half a meter

Honey Packaging

The reason for increasing importance of marketing is that it’s hard to move into today’s markets because a lot of them are (close to) saturated. If they are and your product doesn’t distinguish itself enough to draw a customer away from an already established

Beautiful radio by Dieter Rams

For the few in here who haven’t heard of him:   **Dieter Rams Ten Principles** Good Design Is Innovative Good Design Makes a Product Useful Good Design Is Aesthetic Good Design Makes A Product Understandable Good Design Is Unobtrusive Good Design Is Honest Good

Designed a geometric coffee table

I fucking love Walnut. I’m an Industrial Designer myself, this is a real nice design, and fabrication job. I wonder what it would be like with the triangles tapered in, our out, but that would just be variation on this. Great work.

Bed in a box

Most air mattresses are actually pretty good for your back because they balance you out great. Just make sure they’re fully inflated (and not overinflated) and that you fucking re-inflate it every half hour or you ass will touch that ice cold floor before

Ive always thought this clock was genius.

[Android app]( [iOS app]( Both official from the designer of the physical clock.

Me and my simple invention

I do like it. I don’t use it the way it was intended all the time though. I had elbow surgery and it still bothers me to put my elbow on the desk when I’m working. So I got it to cushion that arm,

Spiral stairs of the Vatican Museums, designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932.

It took me a bit to realize it’s actually a double helix. One spiral with people going up and the other with people going down. Here [are]( [a]( [few]( [more]( [images]( Apparently it was designed to be so wide and with such low slope

Mirra 2

I’m 5′6″ and can’t sit on a mirra without it digging into the back of my legs, or sitting forward and not using the back at all; the so-called “flex front” option is not nearly enough. The only other Herman Miller chair I’ve used

Easily portable stroller

Is this in production ? The developer needs to get airlines involved. ‘Pre-approved as cabin stowable’ or some such. Parents get the buggy off immediately, airlines are relieved of potential for damage / quicker boarding / release one ramp agent for 2-3 minutes (some
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